• Part-time or Interim CFO or Executive Team Member
  • Project Management
  • Advisor to the Executive Team and Board of Directors of Corporations
  • Manage Government Relations

A common problem for growth-oriented companies is that, due to financial constraints, they lack the necessary bench strength to properly execute the company’s growth and expansion plans. The company has grown to a point where it has outgrown the capabilities of its accounting team.

We can provide the required bench strength through the provision of part-time or interim management support and services. We can also serve as advisors to the executive team and board of directors of a company. The nature of these services is tailored to match the specific needs of the company, be it cash flow management, tactical planning, finance or the mentoring of senior and middle management.

  • Cash flow management
  • Cash flow modeling and budgeting
  • Building financial reporting systems, including the development and implementation of reporting policies practices and procedures
  • Assembling, training and mentoring administrative teams
  • Assisting the company in its quest for equity and debt financing
  • Relationship management – customers & suppliers, legal advisors, auditors, government agencies



This is a time of opportunity for companies to create short and long term value through organic and inorganic growth. Our team of business professionals will help your company build a strong, focused organization and management team. Acting as advisors to, or as interim members of your company’s management team, we can help you reposition your company in the marketplace, identify strategic acquisitions and develop strategic partnerships. No matter what stage of growth your company is at, we can help you build a precise value proposition for your company through:

  • development of business and strategic plans
  • financial modeling for financial forecasts and sensitivity analysis
  • development and execution of acquisition, post acquisition integration and divestiture strategies
  • development and implementation of financial policies, practices, procedures and reporting.
  • mentoring of management
  • Positioning a company for sale
  • management buyouts
  • financial structuring/restructuring
  • business valuations



Many companies have the need to interface with various government agencies for regulatory and compliance matters as well as government funding. We have a track record for helping companies develop and nurture these important working relationships. Having worked in both the government and private sectors, we understand the needs of both parties. We can help companies develop effective communications programs that foster positive working relationships.



The Timoridge Group Team is experienced at determining a company’s working capital requirements for achieving its growth story, and identifying the possible types and sources of government and private sector funding that is available. Having managed/participated in many financings, we can help our clients avoid some of the common mistakes that companies make when going to the market place for funding.

While we are not in the business of raising capital on a retainer and success fee basis, we do work closely with management to ensure that:

  • their business plan and financial projections are realistic and complete; and,
  • they are properly prepared to go to the market for financing.

We support and advise management throughout the investment process. In situations where we have taken on the position of interim president or CFO, we will assume a lead role.


Private Sector Funding

In many instances, there is a difference of opinion between the business owners and potential investors regarding the value of the Company. As we understand the investment criteria and objectives of the various funding markets, be it senior or subordinated debt, mezzanine, venture capital or angel investment, we are able to design and develop creative, realistic investment structures that bridge the valuation gap.

The design and development of an assumption-based, interactive financial model that enables potential investors to conduct their own sensitivity analysis, is just one of the many critical tools that we provide our clients.


Government Funding

Both the federal and provincial governments have a myriad of grant, loan and tax credit programs to assist businesses. Each program targets a defined sector and has its own unique set of economic objectives. Further, most of the programs have a finite life and/or limited funding. Timoridge keeps abreast of the status of the various programs, and can quickly ascertain whether or not there are possible program funding opportunities for which your company may qualify.

Clients who are awarded funding quickly discover that accessing the funding and satisfying program reporting requirements, is a very involved process. We are well seasoned veterans in this area.



Corporate self analysis involves identifying the nature and extent of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and is fundamental to the development of an acquisition or divestiture strategy. It is critical that a company has a clear understanding of exactly what it brings to the table in terms of human and financial resources and corporate culture.



Too often, lean, well-run companies pursue acquisitions without having the resources required to successfully integrate an acquisition into the business organization. We advise and prepare the company’s acquisition and post-acquisition integration teams to ensure that the proper quantitative and qualitative factors have been reviewed and considered prior to the completion of an acquisition. This includes the review and critique of management’s analysis and structuring or verification of their findings.

In conjunction with management, we will develop a customized work program for our engagement which can include:

  • pre-acquisition preparation (corporate and management structuring)
  • identifying targets
  • identifying sources of equity and debt financing
  • development and execution of due diligence reviews
  • independent review and critique of management due diligence
  • pricing assessment
  • negotiations
  • documentation and deal closing



Companies often embark on divestiture strategies without properly positioning or readying a company or division for sale. A proper pre-divestiture assessment to ensure the business unit is in marketable condition, will greatly enhance the likelihood of a successful sale and value maximization. We have the operational background and process expertise required to guide management through the pre-divestiture assessment and preparation of the business unit for sale. We can manage the preparation and distribution of information memorandums and assist management in the assembly of information for the data room, that will be requested by potential purchasers during the due diligence process.

Our services can include:

  • pre-divestiture assessment and preparation to position a company for sale
  • valuation and pricing strategies
  • identifying prospective buyers
  • preparation of confidential information memorandum




Developing Business Plans and Strategic Plans

Business plans should contain precise, identifiable goals with well-defined milestones that enable the company to measure its progress and level of success. Recognizing that different users of a business plan (be it management, the Board of Directors, potential investors, lenders or government funding agencies), have different information requirements and focus, our approach is to prepare a comprehensive base business plan that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each of these various user groups. The foundation for each of the business plans that we develop is a custom, fully interactive, assumption-driven financial model, enabling the user to perform sensitivity analysis.

We have decades of experience conducting independent corporate due diligence reviews. Our methodical analytical approach to the review process is designed and structured to provide management with a solid understanding of the business the company is truly in; the nature and extent of the company’s strengths and weaknesses; and, the market in which it competes.

Accurately defining “Who we are” is critical to successfully reaching the Company’s goals for “Where it Wants to be” in 5 to 10 years time. We can help companies develop a contingent roadmap with precise identifiable goals and well-defined predetermined milestones and checkpoints that require the resolution of key uncertainties to enable the Company to objectively measure and evaluate its progress and level of success. To be effective, the milestones must have specific choices with distinct outcomes (continue/terminate) assigned to them well in advance.

Our services include:

  • Development of structured plans and milestones to enable a company to meet its strategic goals
  • In-depth review of management, production, labour, product and service offerings, markets, distribution systems and the financial health of companies – including existing and projected capital requirements and required capital structure to achieve strategic goals and objectives
  • Development of corporate acquisition strategies, including post-acquisition transition programs
  • Preparing and positioning companies, divisions of companies or product lines for sale
  • Alignment of corporate functions

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