acquisitionsCorporate self analysis involves identifying the nature and extent of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and is fundamental to the development of an acquisition or divestiture strategy. It is critical that a company has a clear understanding of exactly what it brings to the table in terms of human and financial resources and corporate culture.




Too often, lean, well-run companies pursue acquisitions without having the resources required to successfully integrate an acquisition into the business organization. We advise and prepare the company’s acquisition and post-acquisition integration teams to ensure that the proper quantitative and qualitative factors have been reviewed and considered prior to the completion of an acquisition. This includes the review and critique of management’s analysis and structuring or verification of their findings.

In conjunction with management, we will develop a customized work program for our engagement which can include:

  • pre-acquisition preparation (corporate and management structuring)
  • identifying targets
  • identifying sources of equity and debt financing
  • development and execution of due diligence reviews
  • independent review and critique of management due diligence
  • pricing assessment
  • negotiations
  • documentation and deal closing



Companies often embark on divestiture strategies without properly positioning or readying a company or division for sale. A proper pre-divestiture assessment to ensure the business unit is in marketable condition, will greatly enhance the likelihood of a successful sale and value maximization. We have the operational background and process expertise required to guide management through the pre-divestiture assessment and preparation of the business unit for sale. We can manage the preparation and distribution of information memorandums and assist management in the assembly of information for the data room, that will be requested by potential purchasers during the due diligence process.

Our services can include:

  • pre-divestiture assessment and preparation to position a company for sale
  • valuation and pricing strategies
  • identifying prospective buyers
  • preparation of confidential information memorandum

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