Developing Business Plans and Strategic Plans

business strategyBusiness plans should contain precise, identifiable goals with well-defined milestones that enable the company to measure its progress and level of success. Recognizing that different users of a business plan (be it management, the Board of Directors, potential investors, lenders or government funding agencies), have different information requirements and focus, our approach is to prepare a comprehensive base business plan that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each of these various user groups. The foundation for each of the business plans that we develop is a custom, fully interactive, assumption-driven financial model, enabling the user to perform sensitivity analysis.

We have decades of experience conducting independent corporate due diligence reviews. Our methodical analytical approach to the review process is designed and structured to provide management with a solid understanding of the business the company is truly in; the nature and extent of the company’s strengths and weaknesses; and, the market in which it competes.

Accurately defining “Who we are” is critical to successfully reaching the Company’s goals for “Where it Wants to be” in 5 to 10 years time. We can help companies develop a contingent roadmap with precise identifiable goals and well-defined predetermined milestones and checkpoints that require the resolution of key uncertainties to enable the Company to objectively measure and evaluate its progress and level of success. To be effective, the milestones must have specific choices with distinct outcomes (continue/terminate) assigned to them well in advance.

Our services include:

  • Development of structured plans and milestones to enable a company to meet its strategic goals
  • In-depth review of management, production, labour, product and service offerings, markets, distribution systems and the financial health of companies – including existing and projected capital requirements and required capital structure to achieve strategic goals and objectives
  • Development of corporate acquisition strategies, including post-acquisition transition programs
  • Preparing and positioning companies, divisions of companies or product lines for sale
  • Alignment of corporate functions

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