Valuation and Positioning a Company for Sale
“Your analysis of our business and your Action Plan for maximizing bottom line profitability and positioning the company for sale was money well spent! We have implemented the Plan and the financial benefits from doing so are being realized.” (Owner of a franchise retail outlet)
Valuation of a Business Interest
“You prepared a well written report that clearly articulated the reasoning for your conclusion. The report and its conclusion, which indicated a significant increase in the value of the shares held by the Estate over that determined by the auditor, was well received and adopted by all parties”. (Trustee of an Estate)
Business Valuation & Portfolio Management
“You clearly articulated the business proposition and value of the group of companies and provided clear and concise milestones for assessing future developments at each company and their potential impact on value.” (Member of Board of Directors, Investment Committee, Venture Capital Fund)


Engaged as President, C.F.O., Director, Special Projects Team Member

“You get things done. …” (Director on Board of Directors)

“You are always responsive to my inquiries.” (Director on Board of Directors)

“You handle matters and produce results”. (Chairman of Board)


Mentor to Senior Executive Team

“You have created and put in place a framework that can be readily used by the management team for monthly financial analysis and reporting”. (Division V.P.)

“The financial model you created for preparing an annual budget and cash flow projections is easy to work with.” (Division V.P.)

Relationship Management
“I am sincerely appreciative of you keeping us informed and for the integrity you have offered cleaning up the historical financial issues.” (Supplier to a company that was my client)


Accessing Financing
“You have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the legislation and process flow for government funding…..” (CFO, Clean Technology Sector)
Business Plan
“You are a creative mechanic when it comes to developing and articulating a business plan.” (Managing Director, R&D, BioEnergy Sector)
Business Identity
“You have a knack for bringing information together in a clear and concise way.” (CEO Energy Management Company)

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